Now you know where you’re living, you’re going to need to find the right kind of help to keep things running smoothly. OBVIOUSLY (ahem) given all the time in the world, we’d do all these chores ourselves and polish our halos every morning but given the numerous other demands on our time, some things need to be handed over to the professionals.

It may be that the previous owners had a good support network and it might well be worth asking if they would recommend the people they have used in the past. If so, why not go along with their choices? The people and companies will be familiar with the house and equipment and might also be helpful in explaining your new home and it’s quirks to you!

Another option is to speak to your neighbours and see if they can recommend the people they currently use. Again, if they are familiar with the area they could be valuable additions to your network, and they may give you a good price if they can fit you in before or after their existing clients without having to travel very far.

If you don’t want to use the previous people, or can’t ask the last residents, here are some tried and tested suggestions.

It goes without saying, you must ALWAYS make sure you are completely happy with anyone you invite into your home. Someone else’s recommendation goes a long way but you must ultimately take responsibility for the staff you hire and carry out whatever appropriate checks are necessary to make sure your family and your property are safe.

This is a tricky one and as individual cleaners’ availability can change so much, there doesn’t seem much point listing names and numbers here who may be fully booked or have left the area. For our NTTN Bespoke clients, once we know where you are living and your requirements we will be more than happy to introduce a household angel to you.

Molly Maid is a UK-wide franchised business offering high quality household cleaning, spring cleans, etc. It’s not for everyone as they only use their own products and equipment and when I asked if they would use certain eco products I was told quite firmly that if I wanted an efficient cleaning service I should go along with the way they do things (I went elsewhere). They are also on the top end of the pricing scale but if you want a reliable service with a good background then ask for a quote. Tel: Pinks Dillon – 01344 841000

You will struggle to find a better service than Dry & Clean. Organic, dry to the touch straight after cleaning and child- and pet-friendly, Steve offers an amazing service at seriously competitive prices. He also offers hard floor cleaning and resurfacing. Tel: 07956 282944. Highly recommended by two generations of the NTTN family, in laws and a friend who can’t stop going on about how clean her carpets are after an unfortunate incident involving a 4 year old and a sick bug!

Remember, if your garden is in good condition and a gardener has been looking after it up ‘til now it might be worth keeping on the current incumbent. If, for whatever reason it’s time to find someone new you really can’t go wrong with

DR Dye Landscapes & Garden Maintenance
Dean and his fantastic team are competitively priced and terrifyingly hard working. They will take on regular garden maintenance and everything else a garden might need. In our garden alone they have rebuilt ponds and supporting garden walls, fenced in a swimming pool, repaved the patio, laid bark on all the flower beds, dug enormous trenches (for pipework, nothing weird), arranged tree surgery, fixed the block paving and loads more. They are knowledgeable and extremely competent, reliable and very highly recommended. Tel: 07970 425378

I know I’m repeating myself, but if the current maintenance arrangements seem to be going well and you’re happy with the price, you might as well stick with it. If it’s a new pool or you would like things to be done differently, you should contact
Surrey Pool Care. Ashley Bolwell is absolutely great at problem solving, fixing and maintaining pools at very competitive prices. He comes with the highest recommendation. Tel: 07717 166584

As it is with cleaning services, giving the names of individual babysitters online isn’t practical as their availability might change, they might move out of the area and it’s just not a great idea to stick a load of (probably) young girls’ phone numbers on the internet. NTTN Bespoke will be happy to recommend individual babysitters once we understand your family’s needs. For everyone else, here are some other suggestions. provide reference-checked babysitters with professional childcare experience. They can also supply emergency nanny services and hotel babysitting. Babysitters are local to you and it’s possible that if you find a babysitter you really like you can request them each time you use the site.

This is one of the most important people you will welcome into your home so you need the right help to find them. Depending on your requirements, it might be that asking around at your child’s school (if they’re at school) may turn up another family’s nanny who is looking for extra hours.

If your requirements are more specific or you need someone full time, there are some excellent agencies in the area.

Puddleduck Nannies have been recommended by numerous families and as they’re based in Esher, they’re on your doorstep. Tel: 01372 469378

Another firm favourite with hiring families is Tigerlily Childcare who have an excellent reputation with a wide-ranging network of professional maternity nurses and nannies. The Surrey office is based in West Molesey. Tel: 0203 394 0593

You’d be amazed how few full time electricians there are in this area! Even recommended people have since gone to work full time with developers or only do electrical work in evenings or weekends.
SOE Contracts offer a great service where no job is too small. Simon O’Connor – 07973 837693 /

Boiler Pro are a locally-based company who come highly recommended. Visit their website for more details or call 01372 620621

It’s incredibly difficult to find a trustworthy handyman who is reliable and does quality work.  So we are very lucky that Handyman Services came along…capable of virtually anything indoors or out, Wesley and his team leave a trail of good will and good work behind them. Highly recommended – Tel: 07490 466869

Luxe Smart Homes -  another locally-based fantastic company. If you’ve moved into a house and don’t know how anything works or want to make it smarter (including improving your mobile phone signal and getting all the fancy Sky TV channels) these guys are your new best friends. Visit their website or call them for more details 01372 879600